• Keeping The Light On

    On an individual level, I’m challenging you to search and reach for the light – in whatever way your personal situation allows, in whatever way that looks like for you, with whatever capacity you have. Also, your reality might be so dark that there genuinely is no light, and you simply have to sit and be still until you can find your bearings. And that is ok too. Because someone in the collective will keep a light burning such that when you are able to move again, there is light for you to search and reach for. We are each other’s keepers, and you never know if your light is helping to guide someone home.

    Photo: @bertellifotografia

  • Aaron Abernathy: Life, Love and Healing During A Pandemic

    There is a huge paradigm shift coming. We are officially living in the age of enlightenment and that enlightenment is filtering into many areas of life. We just need to fasten our seatbelts and have faith because with enlightenment, we are realizing that many are not in touch with themselves and also realizing the harsh truth that we might be the one not in touch with ourselves. Love of self is big and there is not enough of it. Or many don’t understand what love of self is and what that looks like in practice. My hope is that this time of enlightenment serves to show many a new and different way.